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This isn’t just for fun, although we hope to have a lot of it. Our biggest hope is that as many people can accompany us as possible. You can do this in several ways:

Read Scripture and pray with us…

A pilgrimage is a time for prayer and reflection. As we walk we’ll be reading Scripture and praying for the common witness and visible unity of Christians around the world. We invite you to make your own spiritual pilgrimage while we’re making the physical pilgrimage by joining our prayers that the church may be one (John 17:11). You can meditate and pray on the same Scripture as us and all the other spiritual pilgrims out there by signing up to receive seventy days of Scripture verses for your meditation, starting August 22nd.

Follow us electronically…

(Warning: For technophobes only!) Those little “F”, “T”, orange box with white strips, and white envelope buttons in the “Follow Us!” box just to the right of this page let you follow to us using various social networks. If you “like” us, you’ll get our status updates on your Facebook page. Twitter sends you brief comments from us about what we’re up to at any given moment. Another great way to keep up with us is using a RSS feed reader (such as web-based Google Reader or browser-based Sage).

If you’re not the social networking type, simply click the little white envelope and enter your email address. This last one is a third party service, so though your updates will be labeled “Here I Walk,” they won’t be coming from us directly. (For the curious: these emails are just packaged RSS news feeds).

Or, you can just visit our site as often as you like. Come late August, there should be updates at least once a day.

Join us in person…

Consider joining us for a day, a week, or the whole way! Our itinerary is published here and our route here. (Check out the “resources” tab above for references to more information about the routes we’ll be following.) If you do decide to join us in person, make sure to double-check our progress at this website, and be prepared to make your own food and lodging arrangements.

Contact us…

You can always leave a comment on a post, or if you’d prefer email drop us a line: hereiwalk at gmail dot com.

Support us…

We have fantastic sponsors who have been wonderfully generous to us. But this still is a huge undertaking, and we estimate it’ll cost us around $10,000 out of pocket when all is said and done. God has been good to us and we won’t go bankrupt in the process, but if this same God so moves you to make a donation toward this project, we will gladly say alleluia and amen! Even $5 makes a difference. You don’t get a tax credit since we’re just private individuals, but you will get our eternal gratitude. Click the button to make a gift through PayPal.

12 thoughts on “Join Us!

  1. Thanks for you article in today’s WSJ. We will be following your progress on what to us is a remarkable endeavor. Good journey! Frank Cahill

  2. Greeting fellow co-workers and laborers. I am excited about your pilgrimage, and wish we were there to walk with you. We shall keep you in our prayers for a sucessfull and fruitful journey. May the continued peace, power, presence, guidance, and protection be you evermore. i am excited about the new thing that God is doing in Europe. Love and Peace We shall stay in touch, Blessings.
    Frank & Marilyn Billue

  3. This is a wonderful project and is very inspiring to me and others as well. I am planning to join you on the Wilhams-Scheidegg section. I am not sure which day you will be there but I will track your progress to meet you at the beginning or the end. More details on how to join (like when and where to meet at the start point for that day, or your hotel to leave a message) would be appreciated. See you in a few weeks.

  4. Your walk to encourage ecumenical awarenessa both a grass roots and institutional level deserves a top drawer in my book. Following you with interest and prayers!

  5. I read about your journey in the Wall Street Journal and cut the article out as I was fascinated by your experience. You have done what most people never think is possible. I congratulate you both. As a Lutheran of German origin, I grew up with half my family German Catholics. It was never an issue. We were German and that was that. However, the Lutheran side dominated all thinking and some how we all followed Luther (right or wrong).

    I will continue to follow your journey and know you will be treated so very kindly. You have many people thinking of you. It is not like it was 500 years ago.

    Best of luck,

    Judy E. Black

  6. Our pastor, Scott Jurgens, Trinity Lutheran Church in Lewiston, ID made us aware of your journey. I am enjoying checking in on the two of you. Prayers for all.

  7. Hi! I’m the girl who has hung the pilgrim’s book on the oak tree near “Felegara”(Parma).
    I’ve seen your address on the book and so I’ve thought to write a comment…
    I would like very much make a pilgrimage to savred places as you,but I haven’t a fellow traveller and it’s dangerous to make the journey alone,for my opinion…
    I wish you a good walk!!!!!!
    Write me,if you want…and….sorry for my english!!!!I don’t know this language vey much…:)

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