Luther on His Way Home

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In the dreary coldness of February I have to admit to not being entirely sad that we aren’t walking back from Rome, especially thinking of the rotten weather that Luther certainly would have encountered in the famously harsh winter of 1510-11. But five hundred years ago this month he was on his way back home, […]

What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?–A Guest Post by Natalie Gessert

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Here I Walk doesn’t have much to do with the price of tea in China, but the project has everything to do with the price of shoes in China. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s ELCA Good Gifts program provides a specific opportunity to provide shoes for school-age children in the mountainous Sichuan region of China. […]

Dreary to Cheery

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It was hard to get moving this morning. Despite plenty of sleep we both felt tired and grouchy and somehow at a loss to find the passion and enthusiasm that got us doing this in the first place. We were temporarily distracted from our bad moods by our visit to the St. George Church, which […]

The Alps via Iowa

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Well, we did manage to sleep some, which is no small accomplishment in a populous campground with French scouts singing nearby. We learned on vacation last year that the worst place to camp in Europe is anywhere near a church, unless of course you like marking the night in 15-minute segments, so we were relieved […]

Hail Mary, Full of Grays

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Maybe we should have named this blog “Here I Weather.” I wish I had more interesting historical items to report from our walk, but the rain is dominating our experience. I think I’ve run out of all the standard adjectives to describe precipitation at this point, so forgive me if I become repetitive. But when you’re walking in it all day it’s hard to think of anything else.

We Made It through Week One!

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We awoke to a Zapfendorf morning in our tired little Gasthof and enjoyed another typical German breakfast—bread, ham, cheese, jelly, and this time a bonus boiled egg apiece—before hitting the road again. I felt more energetic than I had in some days though Andrew was dragging more than usual, and Anne-Sylvie was feeling a bit […]