Walking after Talking

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Our pilgrimage will draw to a close at the end of October after a few days in Rome, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Afterwards we’ll head for a week in Wittenberg, Germany, where the Institute for Ecumenical Research is hosting its annual two-week Studying Luther in Wittenberg program. We’ll be talking about our trip […]

Where Luther Slept

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We can’t know with any great certainty where Luther stepped for each of the 1500 km he walked during the six weeks of his southward journey. And even if we did, the chances that we could still walk in his steps would be pretty slim. He would have kept to major roads—really only muddy cart paths at the time. The problem is that many of these have become today’s roads and highways: hardly routes conducive to a pleasant walk.

We can know with a bit more certainty, however, where he laid his head at night.

Pilgrims’ Paths

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It’s hard to imagine them beneath eight-lane autobahns, above 10 mile tunnels, plying their way through industrial and commercial centers. But there they are, the pilgrims’ paths of yore. So often they are buried by asphalt, obscured by housing developments, or even lost in plain sight amongst the sensory jungle that constantly assaults our eyes and ears and noses. Thousands, even millions, retrace their steps daily. They are going to work, to school, to a meeting, hauling merchandise and equipment. They go in cars and trucks and trains and busses. Some hearty few go on bicycles, under their own power. Some still go on foot. We consider it a privilege to be among their number.