Original Itinerary

Below is our original itinerary from 2010. Many of the stopping places are small villages or even hamlets. In some cases I’ve included the larger towns on-route or nearby.

If you want more specific route information, visit our maps page, where each day’s journey is indicated in distinct colors.

Date City
08-21 Erfurt
08-22 Arnstadt
08-23 Meyersgrund
08-24 Eisfeld
08-25 Coburg
08-26 Vierzehnheiligen
08-27 Zapfendorf
08-28 Bamberg
08-29 Bamberg
08-30 Forchheim
08-31 Kalchreuth
09-01 Nuremberg
09-02 Neuendettelsau
09-03 Schlungenhof
09-04 Oettingen in Bayern
09-05 Oettingen in Bayern
09-06 Nordlingen
09-07 Neresheim Abbey
09-08 Stetten ob Lontal
09-09 Ulm
09-10 Ulm
09-11 Illertissen
09-12 Memmingen
09-13 Bad Groeningbach
09-14 Kempten
09-15 Missen
09-16 Scheidegg
09-17 Bregenz
09-18 Bregenz
09-19 Kriessern
09-20 Vaduz
09-21 Untervaz
09-22 Bonaduz
09-23 Tiefencastel
09-24 Furnatsch
09-25 Septimer Pass/Casaccio
09-26 Chiavenna
09-27 Sorico/Gera Lario
09-28 Seveso
09-29 Milan
09-30 Pavia
10-01 Santa Cristina
10-02 Calendasco
10-03 Piacenza
10-04 Fiorenzuolo
10-05 Costamezzana
10-06 ~Bardone
10-07 Passo Cisa
10-08 Villafranca in Lunigiana
10-09 Sarzana (~Spezia)
10-10 Sarzana
10-11 Massa
10-12 Camaiore
10-13 Altopascio (Lucca)
10-14 Florence
10-15 Florence, San Miniato
10-16 San Gimignano
10-17 San Gimignano
10-18 Monteriggione
10-19 Sienna
10-20 Buonconvento
10-21 Castiglione d’Orcia
10-22 Radicofani
10-23 Aquapendente
10-24 Montefiascone
10-25 Viterbo
10-26 Capranica
10-27 Campagnano di Roma
10-28 La Storta
10-29 Rome
10-30 Rome

For a more “live” version, see the following imbedded spreadsheet:

3 thoughts on “Original Itinerary

  1. I just heard about your pilgrimage and have enjoyed reading about your experiences. Thanks for all the hard work you’re putting into posting. They’ve brought back a lot of memories, especially the rain, closed restaurants and wonderful mushrooms. Ha! I walked a peace pilgrimage from France to Jerusalem in 2006 through part of your route, and we spent last summer crossing the Alps from Trieste to Monaco on the Via Alpina–again, following part of your route (with, incidentally, enough rain to float an ark).

    I see you’re passing through Vaduz. There’s a hostel there, but you may want to check out the campsite with bungalows just outside town, tucked beside the mountains. It’s very accommodating.

    Remember, fall is just around the corner. It’s a great time to walk the Via Francigena. The colors of Tuscany and around Lake Bolseno will be fantastic. Be sure to sample the mushrooms in Pontremoli!

    God speed to you both and Ultreya! (from another crazy Wilson)!

  2. From Pastor Kruse in Rome I heard of your Pilgrimage.I met him,when I arrived on 28.09.2010 in Rome,having made nearly the same way like you do.I started at 29.06.2010 in Lutherstadt Wittenberg following the same itinerary with one exception:from Pavia I went the Via Emilia up to Bologna,crossing the Appenin between Bologna and Florence ( Via degli Dei),then Siena.The part between Siena and Rome I followed the Francigena.Here you will find lots of Pilgrim hostels of very different quality,the one in Radicofani(Don Elia) is fantastic.The same is true for the Centro di spiritualita S.Lucia Filippini in Montefiascone.Speaking with Suor Teresa (who is the Priora) about my pilgrimage in memoriam of Luthers way to Rome I was very astonished,when she asked me:”Oh for Martin Luther King?”This confusion I have found several times,obviously there is a “black hole” in the tradition of ecclesiastic history in Italy .Also in augustinian monasteries I found very different reactions:in Pavia,at the tomb of Augustinus in my impression they did not like the Memory of Luther,whereas for example in Florence,Santo Spirito,the monk,whom I asked for a stamp in my pilgrims card,was very interessed and told me,that Luther had celebrated the holy mass at Santo Spirito.Also at S.Maria del Popolo in Rome,where my pilgrimage ended,I found a very friendly reaction.
    I will follow your further way to Rome,may The Lord be with you as He was with me on my long journey(90 days without any problem!)

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