Luther in January and other things to ponder

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Well, 500 years ago this January, our friend Martin Luther was wrapping up his stay in Rome and gearing up for the long walk back home with the news of an appeal denied. We read recently that 1510-11 was a particularly harsh winter; maybe that’s why he and his companion veered farther to the east on the way back, possibly even passing through Venice, before hitting the Alps in March.

While we’ve had to accustom ourselves to the stationary life once more in the past two months, we have at least had the chance to write more about our experience. A version of Sarah’s lecture at Augsburg College and Lenoir-Rhyne University, “What Has Erfurt to Do with Rome?” will appear in the spring 2011 issue of Lutheran Forum; you can subscribe here if you’re interested (Sarah also is the editor of Lutheran Forum and can assure you it’s a great read at a great price!). Sarah and Andrew both have forthcoming articles about aspects of the pilgrimage… check back here in the next few weeks and we should have more details about when exactly they’ll appear.

Blessed Epiphany season to everyone!

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