On the Air with Rick Steves

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We enjoyed a peaceful weekend of the country life in Virginia. While out for a run I scared a blue heron out of a patch of lush watercress growing in stream, and the trees were all a-twitter with blue jays and bluebirds, downy woodpeckers and cardinals. In the evenings the full harvest moon has been rising squat, huge, and orange on the horizon: one could easily mistake it for the Great Pumpkin rising up out of the (most sincere) pumpkin patch.

But we are still thrown into civilization from time to time. We joined the throngs at the theater for the opening of the new Harry Potter movie. I drove a car for the first time in two years (we don’t have or need one in Strasbourg). And yesterday we visited Roanoke’s public radio station to record an interview for travel writer (and Lutheran) Rick Steves’s radio show. It was a blast! We only met “on the air,” since Rick and his crew are stationed in Seattle, but he was friendly and enthusiastic about our project. And it was just plain interesting to find out how these things are done.

The interview will air around Easter time—we’ll let you know the exact date when they let us know—but in the meanwhile if you are interested to know more about Rick Steves and Martin Luther, the two can be had in one package in this little video that the former made about the life of the latter.

And one more preview: in the next few days we hope to have calendars with Andrew’s photography from our trip available for purchase online. Quite a number of people wrote in asking for calendars and books. It’ll take awhile to pull off the book, but the calendars are on the way, so stay tuned!

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