What’s Next for Here I Walk?

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We’re not headed back to Erfurt on foot—though we hope, in time, some fellow Catholic pilgrims will be—but there is life left in this project yet. Beyond our college appearances in November 2010, we hope to get a book out of this and also a documentary. We’ve been taking video clips all along and our friend Hans Wiersma at Augsburg College has offered to edit it into a coherent narrative of our pilgrimage adventure.

So, if you’d like to be informed of these things as they develop and are available, please sign up here and we’ll send you an email—but, we promise, only when we have something really worthwhile to tell you, and of course wild horses couldn’t drag your email address out of us, so there’s no need to worry about spam infiltrations to your account.

2 thoughts on “What’s Next for Here I Walk?

  1. I wish to be on your ‘informed list’…i.e., a recipient of further steps made and/or attempted by you crusaders of the soul and the spirit, fueled by incredible stamina, which you will contemplate undertaking, between Rome and Roanoke. My vicarious exertion needs stimulation from time to time, as I sit comfortably in my chair, anticipating the next chapter, ever hopeful for more. I have loved every minute of your trek into the unknown, captivated as you most assuredly are by Luther’s mission in your contemporary steps forward, yet backward in time, always with a revelation or two. If I had a way to get down to Roanoke, I’d motor down 81 to see you. But I am stuck in PA, attentively by my computer when not being a domestic of sorts. Again, Godspeed.

  2. Dear LR grad and Dr. Andrew Wilson: We at LR are VERY PROUD of you, and look forward to your visit to Lenoir-Rhyne in November! Thanks for keeping us posted as you have traveled along the way (in commemoration of Luther!!! We are eager for you to see our new statue of Luther on our campus – the tallest in the world!!!). “The peace of the Lord be with you…”

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