A Statistical Review of Here I Walk

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Now that it’s all over, we thought a numbers retrospective might be a fun way to look at our pilgrimage. All date-relevant statistics are through October 31.

Total distance traveled from Erfurt to Rome: 1746.6 km (1085.5 mi)
Distance traveled by car/camper: 14 km (8.7 mi)
Distance traveled by bus: 76.5 km (47.5 mi)
Distance traveled by boat: 44 km (27.3 mi)
Distance traveled by foot: 1612.1 km (1001.7 mi)
Rough guess at total distance Luther walked, one way: 1620.5 km (1007.1)

# of Twitter followers: 84
# of Facebook fans: 792
# of unique visitors to blog: 1782
# of comments: 327
# of people who walked with us: 14
# of photos Andrew took: 11765
# of photos Andrew posted: 1855
# of nights we camped out: 1
# of flavors of Ritter Sport chocolate sampled: 11
Ritter Sport flavor sampled most often: Whole Hazelnut Dark Chocolate

2 thoughts on “A Statistical Review of Here I Walk

  1. Glad to hear that you did not neglect Ritter Sport and enjoyed that dimension of sweetness along the way. I like the dark chocholate filled with marzipan! good luck on your trains, planes and auto travels in the days ahead! Steve Godsall-Myers

  2. My comment is also in regards to the Ritter Sport–will you be seeking a Ritter “sponsorship” in your next trek?
    In all seriousness, congrats!

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