Letter to Pilgrims–A Guest Post by Katie A. Wilson

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(We admit it: Katie is our sister-in-law, married to Andrew’s older brother Jed. But it was such a great letter we thought you might enjoy reading it too, and she said it was OK.)

My dear Andrew and Sarah,

What God is doing through this pilgrimage is huge.

It is possibly the one thing remaining which can be done in any relationship
where so much damage, misunderstanding and miscommunication has taken place:
the practical, the graciously symbolic, the quiet, unobtrusive, undemanding
offering of care for an other, and in this case, an other entire portion of
our Family Herself. God’s Church. The Bride of Christ.

My heart writhes in ache and longing for that day of relational healing when
fear will be utterly eclipsed by True Love Himself: when all of us, all our
brothers and all our sisters individually from all places and times and
cultures will be together and by each other fully known. For in that moment,
knowing Him fully, we will not be able to help but recognize each and
every “other” for who they are: Family. For in each is reflected a facet of
their Creator. In each frail, finite, flawed and utterly broken person,
redeemed by Jesus Christ – God’s very Son, with blood given by Him from His
own body – having been snatched out of darkness and death and carried,
cradled, and within His arms born into Life, in their fully blossomed,
unique, ransomed identity as given to them by their Creator, we glimpse the
One who made us, searched for us when we were lost, and gave everything to
redeem us: the Lover of our soul.

I am thankful, Andrew and Sarah, that you received from God His courage to
imagine, and His strength to be available, to be used by Him in this unique,
humble, and deeply meaningful display of His passionate and tenacious love
for each of us who, bound together so graciously by His blood, are His

My heart walks with you.

Your sister,


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