Bad Groaning-bach

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Somehow or other the force of gravity increased in Memmingen last night, because it was harder than it has ever been to get out of bed and get moving. Andrew’s sniffle has developed into a full-blown sinus cold. He’s had to resort to stuffing tissues up his nose to keep the snot from dripping right out. I’m not sick but I haven’t felt so listless in our three-plus weeks on the road yet. We tarried in our room till 11, ever the slaves to free and fast wifi, before we dragged ourselves out. Happily the rain that was predicted to last all day finished right as we left. We were grateful for that little mercy.

Given the circumstances all round, we made a quick day of it, only 15 km to the pun-able town of Bad Grönenbach, a charming little city that appears to have a long reputation as a spa getaway. We followed bike paths again but happily were not along a canal and managed to see a few items of interest, like a barn standing all alone in a field with a dozen birdhouses nailed over the door, and an old pleasure boat in someone’s yard completely turned to rust, and both the first SELK church (Selbstständige Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche, Germany’s equivalent of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod) and the first Reformed church that we’ve seen our whole time in Germany. We are in fact down to our last five days in this country, exiting at last on Friday. It’s given us a new perspective on the size of the Germanic empire from a 16th century point of view, that it took Luther a month of walking south to get out.

Early arrival in our town meant time to rest up, get some groceries (still struggling with the urge to stock up, but stocking up means carrying extra pounds, not fun), call home, and maybe wake up rested enough tomorrow to tackle the pilgrimage with delight once more.

3 thoughts on “Bad Groaning-bach

  1. Sarah and Andrew,

    You two are amazing– what lovely pictures and posts. I’m very much enjoying this blog and your brief reflections. Plus, since I only barely survived about 5 weeks of the Camino de Santiago– at a slower pace than you’re travelling, I can enjoy the experience vicariously without being too envious! We’re praying for health and new energy for both of you!

    Blessings and Peace,

  2. Greetings, Bad Groenenbach should be a great place to stock up on things — they are celebrating (starts Friday?) 525 years of having the right (from the Kaiser) to have their own market — a couple years after Luther was born! Wish we could take a day for you and give your feet and noses a day off from running/walking. God be with you, Steve Godsall-Myers

  3. I met your lovely parents, Andrew, on Sunday and had a chat with Zeke. We are all following your progress with envy and support. The best part starts in Bregenz! God’s speed.

    Hugs and a warm blanket,


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