Resources, and Other Pilgrims

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We just added (way later than we’d planned to) a Resources tab at the top of the page, so take a look! There’s stuff you can download if you’d like to spread the word about Here I Walk in more old-fashioned media, such as printed bulletin inserts, as well as web graphics and so forth.

We also just learned about some other pilgrims who left just about the same time we did–but they’re going from Basel, Switzerland, to Jerusalem! On foot! Needless to say they’ll be on the road longer than we will!

One thought on “Resources, and Other Pilgrims

  1. Looking forward to walking with you! I have the strong conviction that you are on the right path in the ancient practice of pilgrimage. With all the modern media avenues to be on your map. May every step bring you recognition of how you belong with all of the 1000 mile walkers In blues tradition. Today, I think especially of the T peace program simply want to tell people of her strong conviction about not carrying weapons or promoting hostility, interfaith interreligious conversation dialog are at the very top of my list is causes to support.

    Gerry Swanson.

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