Without Sunday There’s Only Workdays

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That apparently is a German slogan, and it applied in our case—today was our first “rest day,” a 21st century innovation to be sure as we have no record of Luther resting en route, though no record that he didn’t, either. (We just realized that he must have been somewhere in Tuscany during Christmas; we hope he stopped for that.)

After breakfast we took the bus back into Bamberg and bid farewell to Anne-Sylvie, sad to see her go. Then we tracked down St. Stephan and were blessed by a very beautiful Gottesdienst mit Abendmahl (worship service with the Lord’s Supper) in a big bright white church. One nice thing about the liturgical tradition is that you can follow along no matter what your familiarity with the language is, and indeed today the service was familiar and comforting after taking in so much newness. The epistle lesson was I John on “God is love” and the gospel was the parable of the Good Samaritan.

The next few hours were a little less restful; although we enjoyed seeing a bit of the charming city of Bamberg, and it didn’t really rain, what we needed was an internet café, and eventually we found one—a “call shop” where local immigrants can call the U.A.E. or Nigeria or Vietnam, or buy cheap calling cards, or any passing aliens like us can get a reliable signal long enough to upload photos (so look for some slideshows over the next few days!). The downside was headache-inducing soft rock in the background. There is really nothing so depressing as “I Believe I Can Fly” when you’re facing 900 more miles absolutely definitely on foot the whole way.

Other than that it’s been just sitting around and doing nothing, and working up the gumption to face the next week of walking.

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