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  1. I read today’s WSJ article and I am excited about following your footsteps via your website. God’s Blessings on your journey.

  2. Dear Sarah,
    Enjoyed your WSJ piece today. Tho neither Lutheran or Catholic, I attended a Lutheran School in NYC some 39 years ago and have kept track of the wider Lutheran Church. An “independent” protestant Luther’s life represented to me courage and firmness in the Lord. “Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God,” was one of the quotes that the Leaders of my church put in her writings. The Protestant Reformation was a much needed cleaning of the Greater Church. We need to demonstrate more Christian action in our individual lives for the benefit of the world. Our entire church needs more walks of faith and leaps of faith for the world and our individual reflections of God. Enjoy your walk and prayerful journey on this anniversary.
    Best Regards and walk,
    Ed Tonkin
    Fairview (Erie), Pennsylvania

  3. Your trip sounds like fun. You will be traveling through Beautiful country.
    I have a few questions if I may.
    In your article A Thousand Miles in the Footsteps of Martin Luther. You asked a question whether we should apologize to Catholics. Do you think we should and why?
    Your next to last sentence about prayer. Jesus promised to hear the prayers of only two or three gathered together. Is that in the Bible that way? Won’t Jesus hear my prayer if I am the only one praying to Him?
    Lastly not from this article, but on your website. The joint declaration on Justification. We don’t agree on Justification with the Catholic church. The Catholics believe in Justification differently from Lutherans. Do you agree? What kind of Unity are you wanting people to pray for? Unity in one denomination? Unity in Doctrine? Are we already unified in Christ? Thanks and have a fun trip.

  4. Just read the WSJ piece — fantastic.

    When in the throes of angst, go on a pilgrimage — completely agree with that plan. Did it myself 4 years ago to Santiago de Compostela (yes, I’m Catholic).

    Many well wishes and prayers that your pilgrimage will produce much fruit for you personally and for the sake of ecumenism.

    Look forward to following along, especially on Twitter!

    God bless.

  5. I just now read your article in the WSJ. That’s a nice project you have. It’s the sort of thing I wish I had thought of. Walking 26 miles a day would give you more of a feel for Luther’s times, but it wouldn’t leave you much time for blogging, so I suppose your method can be allowed. 🙂

    I am skeptical of the 2nd to last paragraph in your article where you say, “Differences and disputes still compel greater interest than convergence and agreement.” As a lifelong Lutheran Christian, I’m not going to believe that statement unless you have polling data to prove it. Your statement would have been true back in the 50s and 60s but even in the 60s a lot of people were coming to think it was somewhat icky to put so much emphasis on the differences like we used to do. I don’t have survey data for that period, and I’ll spare you the personal anecdotes, but that has been my observation around many parts of the American midwest.

  6. Dear Sarah, Your Dad told me about your walk after church this morning. (Aug. 22) What a wonderful experience! May Jesus go with you every step of the way! We will keep track of your beautiful adventure. Love, Jan & Lou

  7. Learned about your project from the Wall St. Journal. Made ccs. for our lexionary class and many will try to follow using your web site. God Bless!

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