Prayers for the Journey

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Along with blisters, bug bites, and hard beds, there’s something else you’re sure to encounter in mass quantity on a pilgrimage: prayer.

Along the way we’ll be praying a short matins and vespers daily, based on the classic Western orders of prayer. We have more or less the same versions in English, German, and French, and we’re hoping to manage an Italian version, too, so we’ll be able to share prayers on the paths with as many of the other pilgrims we meet as possible.

You don’t have to be on a pilgrimage or in a church to pray. If you’d like to pray with us as we go, you can download our Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer, Morgenlob and Abendlob, Prière du Matin and Prière du Soir. They’re meant to be printed front and back and then cut down the middle for two half-size sheets, one to use and one to share.

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