The Walk

In the winter of 1511, after a two-months’ journey from his native Germany, Augustinian friar Martin Luther arrived in Rome. Six years later, he issued the 95 Theses. Three years after that, he was excommunicated.

Five hundred years later, Andrew and Sarah Wilson walked the same 1000 miles to Rome, seeing what Luther saw—and much of what he didn’t. Thousands followed their pilgrimage online and through reports in The Christian Century, First Things, The Wall Street Journal, and Books & Culture. European travel guru Rick Steves later interviewed the pair on his popular radio program.

The Book

Here I Walk cover

The walk is now a book! Join Andrew and Sarah as they walk with Luther across the heart of Europe. You’ll visit Luther’s cells in Erfurt and Coburg, experience the florid Basilica of Vierzehnheiligen, cross the prehistoric crater of Nördlingen, traverse the peaks of the Alps and the streets of Milan, boat across the Po River, ramble through storied Tuscany and its Renaissance jewels of Florence and Siena, and, finally, reach Rome herself. All along the you’ll be immersed in Luther’s spiritual geography, witness what has changed because of him and what has not, and how the world has been transformed since the Reformation he ignited.

Beautifully written and enjoyable to read, Here I Walk offers a unique combination of firsthand travel narrative, explorations of history, and theological and spiritual reflection. Pictures, maps, and an afterword by Sarah Hinlicky Wilson are included.

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What people are saying…

“A richly descriptive and beguiling journey. On Luther’s walking trail to Rome, past and present collide and shower the reader with sparks of local color and empathetic reflections on religion, pilgrimage, nature, daily life, and the people who lived it–how they have changed after five centuries and what has endured. Highly recommended.”

— Scott Hendrix, author of Martin Luther: Visionary Reformer

“Here I Walk (my nominee for wittiest book title of the year) is charming, passionate, and blessedly resistant to cliché. In a season crowded with books about Martin Luther, the Reformation, and the legacy of Protestantism, make room on your shelf for this winsome travelogue.”

— John Wilson, editor, Books & Culture

“I hope many readers will share the treat of Andrew and Sarah’s pilgrimage along Luther’s 1511 route to Rome. The chronicle charms by telling of nature’s surviving outposts and by recounting fascinating persons, those perfect strangers who generously solve the trek’s inevitable problems. The pilgrims felt Catholic devotional piety from close up and deftly relate Protestant dedication to quotidian but godly work. In evenhanded telling prompted by myriad signs and marks strewn across Europe, Reformation history and theology repeatedly break into the narrative. It’s a long walk to join with delight, a book to savor.”

— Jared Wicks, SJ, professor emeritus, Gregorian University, Rome

“‘Protestant pilgrimage’ is not an oxymoron but lies at the heart of the reforming gospel, simply because it is central to the gospel itself. Wilson’s beautiful account of tracing on foot Luther’s early journey from Erfurt to Rome uncovers this evangelical truth: Christians may traverse the world fed only by Christ’s grace. He opens a window onto Luther’s own deep conversion and the spiritual and ethical gifts of trust, neighbor-love, and joy that it gave. This remarkable book weaves together past and present, theology and history, human encounter and affection. Wilson shows how Luther’s world, so different from our own in some ways, is exactly the same in its grace-filled ordering by God. Written with gentle wisdom, Here I Walk will renew and deepen the faith of every reader.”

—Ephraim Radner, professor of historical theology, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto

“Wilson writes with poetic elegance and theological brilliance. The narrative is a cornucopia of historical facts as well as past and present lore.”

— Bob Holst, President Emeritus, Concordia University, Saint Paul

About Us

Andrew Wilson is a scholar, writer, and traveler who has written and spoken on a wide variety of subjects, from Bartolomé de Las Casas to hiking shoes. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson is a widely published theologian and sought-after public speaker. After nearly eight years in Strasbourg, France, they now live in St. Paul, Minnesota, with their son, Zeke.